Cuban dictatorship plans to insert its violent thugs among protesters on November 15

Castronoid security agents ready to rumble

From our Bureau of Fiendish Socialist Gimmicks

Castro, Inc. is desperate to stop the nationwide protest march on November 15, and since it now seems as if it will not be able to do so, it will probably employ various strategies to ensure it turns into a disaster.

A fiendish strategy that some Cuban dissidents fear might be employed is the insertion of violent thugs among the protesters who will be hell-bent on causing damage and spilling blood, and on making it seem as if the protests are not peaceful at all. And once this has been accomplished, those same thugs will be able to focus their violence on the protesters themselves.

Ay! This is highly likely to happen, for sure, and it will be immensely difficult to prevent. Lord have mercy! Miserere nobis, Domine, cubani sumus.

Conscripted teenage thugs ready to rumble

Loosely translated from Marti Noticias:

The playwright Yunior García Aguilera, one of the main promoters of the “Civic March for Change”, warned that the regime could hinder the peaceful nature of the demonstration scheduled for November 15.

“On November 15 we will march without hatred. We are conquering a right that has never been respected in 62 years of dictatorship, but we are going to conquer it with civility. The whole world will be looking towards Cuba that day. We know that power plays dirty, that gives combat orders against his own people, who lie to our faces, who would even be capable of infiltrating their paramilitaries in the march to generate violence and blame us. Each citizen must be responsible for their conduct and defend a peaceful and firm that we have convened, “wrote the creator of the Cuba Archipelago Platform, which brings together more than 27,000 Cubans.

In a comment published on his social networks, the also activist of the 27N denounced the discrediting campaign unleashed by the official press against the promoters of this action and asked for the understanding of the Cuban military so that they do not repress the protesters as happened in the July 11.

“November 15 can and should be a beautiful day. Wherever a Cuban lives, we know that his heart will be in Cuba. I hope that the powerful do not insist on behaving in a cowardly way against their own citizens. Do not repeat the crime of July 11. I hope that officers and soldiers understand that there is no honor in obeying immoral orders. I also hope that no foreign power interferes in a matter that we must resolve with true sovereignty, that of the citizens, “wrote the artist.

Aguilera claimed that the revolution promised rights, justice, freedom, and free elections, but instead turned Cuba “into a Soviet appendage” that instead of being green as palms, “wrapped itself in a red cloak with a sickle and a hammer guarding the lone star “.

Univocal thinking, censorship and political persecution have been the daily bread for any Cuban who does not submit to the control of the mayorales. And the end of the Cold War only increased our misery. We are survivors of an unfinished war, in which we were neither victors nor defeated, only hostages of an obsolete dogma, of a clan of officials clinging to power and its privileges, of a whim propped up with Russian-made rifles, “he wrote.

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  1. Hell, they did it in Miami during the Elián crisis. You’re damn straight they’ll do it on their own turf.

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