Apartheid alive and well in Cuba as foreigners enjoy privileges denied to natives

Apartheid at work in workers’ paradise

From our Bureau of Perfectly Acceptable and Praiseworthy Apartheid

If you think it is abominable for tourists to have access to many things that are off limits for Cubans, think again.

First and foremost, those tourists are superior human beings. In addition, the natives are trouble-making savages who still don’t know how to control their emotions due to their lack of intellect., and this causes them to misbehave constantly, demanding to be treated as if they were full human beings rather than the subhuman beasts they really are. Finally, those inferior savages get free healthcare and free schooling from their benevolent government — as if they were full human beings — so they really have nothing to complain about.

But the most important thing of all is that the tourists help pay for the healthcare and education of those subhuman savages. The apartheid policies set in place by Castrogonia’s enlightened rulers are therefore not only acceptable, but also praiseworthy.

Loosely translated from 14yMedio

Residents of Havana were astonished this Saturday by a group of tourists who posed happily in front of the Capitol in Havana while laughing and taking photos, with the cooperation of the police who guard the surroundings and prevent Cubans from setting foot anywhere near it.

“It turns out that they, because they are foreigners, do have the right to walk on the sidewalk of the Capitol and take photos, while they scare me and watch me for just having the phone in hand,” commented a young man this Saturday while walking in front of the also headquarters of the Assembly of People’s Power.

Since the social outbreak of July 11, and given the massive concentration of Cubans who, shouting for freedom, practically arrived at the doors of that emblematic building, where they were repressed and arrested, the streets that surround the Capitol remain heavily protected. It has been more than three months that no Cuban citizen has even been able to walk on any of the sidewalks that surround it.

Less than a month after the 15N march called by the Archipelago group, the repressive forces have reinforced security in that neighborhood of Havana, where a journalist from 14ymedio counted more than 20 policemen and soldiers who prevented the passage of anyone to try to get close to the imposing building, especially if they were young.

“The fear they feel for us is evident; if it weren’t for this, tourists shouldn’t be able to get close either. Now, to top it all, they don’t even allow us to rollerblade along the Paseo del Prado, as we have done for years” a boy commented. “The police harass us as if we were criminals.”

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  1. There’s absolutely no problem here. The usual suspects certainly don’t have one.

    You forgot something very important, though. Tourist money also helps to finance repression of the savages, which is completely justified as a way to maintain the “revolution” in power.

    I’m afraid the savages are not only ungrateful but quite clueless. They need to read the New York Times.

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