Canadian senator calls on Canadians to listen to the voice of the Cuban people

Quebec Senator Leo Housakos calls on his fellow Canadians to listen to the Cuban people and reject the Trudeau administration’s ongoing embrace of the communist Castro dictatorship.

Via True North:

HOUSAKOS: Canadians should listen to voices of the Cuban people

On July 11 and 12 of this year, more than 187,000 Cubans gathered across the island to demand freedom and democracy in Cuba. If Canadians are friends of the Cuban people, then we should listen to their voices. It is time for Canada to lead an international effort to publicly condemn and take action against gross human rights violations perpetrated by the Cuban regime against peaceful protestors.

It is unacceptable that the Trudeau government has neglected to take a firm stand in the face of arbitrary arrests, appalling police surveillance, torture and politically motivated imprisonment perpetrated against dissident artists, journalists and activists in Cuba.

In 2016, one year after taking office, Justin Trudeau said that he reaffirmed “our commitment – as individuals and as a country – to the protection and promotion of human rights worldwide.” However, the actual record of Trudeau’s government has not matched its rhetoric.

Canada must now rise to this historic moment and rethink its foreign policy towards Cuba, understanding that Cubans deserve to live in a democracy.

I recently met on Parliament Hill with a group of Cuban-Canadians. They expressed to me the need for an urgent change in Canadian foreign policy because Canadian tourism and investment are helping to prop up Cuba’s one-party state, as well as the entire repressive regime. Their views gave me a better understanding of the role Canada should play at a time when the Cuban people are demanding to live in freedom and democracy.

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  1. I’ll believe when I see it. The best I can say for Canadian enablers of Castro, Inc. is that they’re not Spanish.

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