Cuba’s communist dictatorship seeks 12-year prison sentence for July 11th peaceful protester

You won’t hear a word from progressives, the Squad, or BLM in defense or support of Juan Enrique Perez Sanchez, but that doesn’t mean his life doesn’t matter.

Via Periodico Cubano (my translation):

July 11 protester faces 12 years of prison

Prosecutors in Cuba are seeking 12 years of prison for Juan Enrique Perez Sanchez who participated in the July 11 protests in Cuba and is now charged with several crimes. “All he did was raise his flag calling for liberty,” said his wife.

Juan Enrique’s wife, Dayajuan Perez, posted on Facebook that it’s been three months since she’s been able to see him. She had just found out about the absurd sentence proposed by the prosecutors. “I have to ask myself why. This government is committing too much injustice, my husband didn’t do anything wrong. He didn’t attack anyone.”

She said he is being charged for the alleged crimes of “public disorder,” “assault,” “spread of the epidemic,” and “disrespect.” Nevertheless, the woman says he only took to the streets along with thousands of other Cubans to demand his rights and freedom.

She confessed this is the first time she’s had the courage to write about her husband’s case. She had been overcome by the fear the regime would oppress her as well. “I don’t know what I’m going to do. What I do know is that I’m going to fight for him because he didn’t do anything wrong. To the contrary, he was the one who was beaten, they humiliated him, fractured one of his ribs.”

“Where are the rights for the citizens of this country? We’ve spent 62 years oppressed […] We’ve had enough of so much abuse of those arrested as well as their family members. Freedom for my husband and for all the political prisoners of July 11,” she pleaded.

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  1. Right, because the usual suspects do NOT really care about what they say they do, only about what they can use to further their agenda. That’s why only SOME lives matter to them, and this one is not included.

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