Surprise! Bankrupt Cuban dictatorship is funding Spanish ultra-leftist party Podemos

No digas nada! Pablo Iglesias of Podemos and two of his favorite patrons

From our Bureau of Extra-Heavy Diplomatic Pouches

No surprise, really. Podemos is a rabidly leftist party, founded by Communist politician and professor Pablo Iglesias with the support of the Anti-Capitalist Left (Izquierda Anticapitalista), the Spanish section of the Trotskyist Fourth International. Its war cry is: “All wealth of the country in all its forms and no matter who owns it, is subordinated to the people’s interest.” Sound familiar?

Podemos idolizes the totalitarian regimes of Castrogonia and Venenozuela as well as all leftist Latrine American politicians. Needless to say, Castro, Inc. depends on these Iberian ñángaras to do plenty of heavy lifting on its behalf in Spain and the European Union.

The funding of any political party is Spain by a foreign government or foreign interests is illegal. Of course, nothing is likely to happen as a result of this recent revelation.

Pablo Iglesias, beneficiary of Castronoid largesse

Loosely translated from Diario de Cuba

The former head of the Venezuelan counterintelligence Hugo Armando “El Pollo” Carvajal revealed the alleged modus operandi used by the Government of Cuba to send money to the Spanish political party Podemos, through diplomatic bags that went from Caracas to Madrid, the media reported this Monday. Spanish OKdiario.

“The money was transported by the most important informant I had on these cases. The informant collected the money at the Cuban Embassy in Venezuela and took it to the Venezuelan Foreign Ministry, where it was received by Williams Amaro, then Secretary of Nicolás Maduro. Amaro he sealed it as a diplomatic bag and sent the money to the Venezuelan Embassy in Spain. At the Embassy, ??it was withdrawn by Ramón Gordils, who then delivered the cash to Juan Carlos Monedero, “Carvajal said in a confidential report to the judge of the National Court of Spain Manuel García-Castellón.

“I remember a report where I was informed of a delivery of $ 600,000 to Williams Amaro, coming from the Cuban Embassy in Venezuela. I monitored this delivery to locate the destination of the operation. Indeed, Amaro arrived at the Hotel Meliá (in Caracas) with A carry-on suitcase, he entered Juan Carlos Monedero’s room and left 30 minutes later without the suitcase, “Carvajal revealed.

“The last delivery under the first modus operandi that I was aware of occurred in the first days of July 2017. It was made by Ramón Gordils, who returned to Caracas on an Iberia flight on July 7, 2017,” said Carvajal.

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  1. One reason the repellent asshole took the money is that he felt safe doing it, and he was hardly delusional.

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