Nearly 100 Cubans arrested for peacefully protesting on July 11 face up to 18-year prison sentences

This is the “social justice” the communist Castro dictatorship’s socialist revolution has brought to Cuba.

Via CiberCuba (my translation):

Up to 18 years of prison for almost 100 protesters from July 11 in Cuba

More than 90 sentencing requests of up to 18 years in prison after the July 11 protests in Cuba have been documented by activists and organizations such as Cubalex and the Cuban Observatory of Human rights.

During a broadcast of Mornings with CiberCuba, activist Salome Garcia Bacallao said she had reviewed documents with sentencing requests in several provinces, which along with testimony from family members and news reports, allowed her to count the sentencing being planned for some protesters.

“As of now we have documented 95 sentencing requests, three of them are Ladies in White who weren’t arrested on July 11 and they are seeking prison terms,” said Garcia Bacallao. She said that “nobody thought they were going to get sentenced to prison, however, they’re asking for six, seven, and four years.” Their names are Sissi Abascal, Tania Echevarria, and Yacqueline Heredia, and since they’re not being held in provisional prison, they are not part of the list of those detained.

The number of Cubans arrested for protesting on July 11, 12, and 13 has risen to 1,125. According to statistics compiled independently, of the 95 sentencing requests, the largest group is 21 Cubans who face 8 years of prison.

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