Cuban professor fired from his university for supporting November 15 protests

You’re fired! How dare you disagree with orthodoxy!

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Watch out, this kind of censorship is already here in the U.S. and it’s becoming ever more common and more aggressive with every passing day. After all, cancel culture was created by leftists, and leftists outnumber conservatives by a 99 to 1 ratio in American higher education.

Dare to challenge leftist orthodoxy and the next thing you know, the woke Inquisition will be hauling you in for correction, some shaming, and perhaps even execution. This censorship applies to students as well as faculty and administrators.

As the politically correct hegemonists like to say: Viva la Inquisición. Long live thought control ! Don’t ever dare to “lose your belief in correct ideology,” as this ignoble Cuban savage has done!

Sorry for the plagiarism, Monty Python. But, as you know, imitation is the highest form of flattery.

Loosely translated from Periodico Cubano

Chemical engineer David Alejandro Martínez Espinosa, one of the leaders of the Archipelago group in the province of Cienfuegos, was expelled from the University of Medical Sciences in that territory, the professor himself denounced this Tuesday.

Arelys Falcón Hernández, rector of said house of higher studies, also suspended the teaching category of Martínez Espinosa, who reported on the unfair decision on Facebook along with images of the letter that made his dismissal official.

Martínez Espinosa was summoned to a meeting in the presence of the rector where it was explained that he was expelled for his “political ideas and activism on social networks”, a measure with legal support in resolution 109 of 2021.

There is an evident recrudescence in their attacks against the Cuban revolution and the values ??that it promulgates, echoing false news about the current Cuban scene and its leaders and inciting Cuban youth to a direct confrontation against our social process. By means of his public expressions, he has established that he has lost his belief in the ideology in the Cuban revolution, and this has led to the gradual deterioration of his exemplary character and his condition as a university instructor and professor ”, details the document that was given to him.

In statements to the independent media El Toque, the young man explained that “this type of excesses demonstrate the dictatorial nature of the Cuban regime, which, through the facade of academic and university institutions, leaves a professor without work for the simple fact of disagreeing with the political ideas of the government, for criticizing and promoting civic and citizen rights ”.

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  1. “Against our social process.” Is that like “against our totalitarian regime”? Do tell. They ought to be ashamed.

  2. I’m sure it took some doing to put together the birthday party in the photo, but it pales before what any middle class household could manage in pre-Castro Cuba. I remember the old photos of such kids’ parties, especially for the first birthday of a first-born child, and we’re talking veritable extravaganzas, kind of like a Hollywood production–and I mean by ordinary people in small towns, not Havana high society.

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