Cuban protester receives 10-year prison sentence for destroying a portrait of Fidel Castro

Even in death, communist dictator Fidel Castro continues to oppress and imprison Cubans who dare disrespect him and his socialist revolution.

Via ADN Cuba (my translation):

Roberto Pérez Fonseca: 10 years of prison for destroying a portrait of Fidel Castro

On October 19, the San Jose de las Lajas Municipal Court handed down a sentence of 10 years in prison for Roberto Perez Fonseca, who destroyed a portrait of Fidel Castro during the July 11 protests.

Alberto Ortega Fonseca, Roberto’s brother, told ADN Cuba that the court convicted Perez, who is 38, for the alleged crimes of “assault,” “disrespect,” “inciting criminal behavior,” and “public disorder.” Prosecutors had asked for a 12-year sentence.

Although authorities claimed the young protester assaulted police in San Jose de las Lajas, Mayabeque on the day of the protests “with rocks and bottles,” Ortega says the sentence is actually punishment for destroying a portrait of the dictator in public.

In response to the alleged attack on agents, Ortega says “I never did that. That’s the word of the police against the word of witnesses and my brother. Obviously, only their word counts [the police] because the order to prosecute me came ‘from the top.’ This is a lesson they want to teach us and they didn’t even follow judicial procedures well.”

Three individuals who witnessed the confrontation between Roberto Perez and police officers gave testimony that established the innocence of the young man, but his attorney received a court document that contained the statements of only one of them.

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  1. But there’s been no cult of personality, let alone deification, of the Maximum Bastard. Not at all.

    This is all perfectly normal–for Cuba, that is. Ask Obama, for one.

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