Despite threats from the Castro dictatorship, Cuban activists moving ahead with protest on November 15

Cuban activists organizing a massive peaceful protest march in several cities across the island on November 15 are not being deterred by threats of violence and jail from the communist Castro dictatorship.

Via The Hill:

Cuban protest leader says group will gather in November despite warning from prosecutor

A Cuban protest leader said Thursday his group will gather for a demonstration in November despite warnings from a prosecutor that doing so could have legal ramifications.

“We are not mercenaries, nor are we receiving orders from anyone,” Yunior Garcia, leader of the Archipelago group, said after a meeting with prosecutors, Reuters reported. “We are openly demonstrating a difference of opinion.”

Cuban prosecutors called protests leaders to a meeting after the Archipelago group said they were going to protest the government over curbing civil rights on Nov. 15.

Cuban vice-prosecutor, Yaumara Angulo González, said the protest leaders were warned the demonstrations would be against the law, highlighting the group has ignored the government’s previous warning, according to Reuters.

Archipelago is organized as a Facebook group with around 20,000 members.

The group legally requested to hold the civil rights protest but was denied by the government last week.

“The protesters … as well as their links with some subversive organizations … have the open intention of changing the political system in Cuba,” a letter from the government said.

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