November 15th march organizer in Cuba awakes to find home vandalized with decapitated pigeons

One of the organizers of the November 15 peaceful protest march in Cuba awoke Friday morning to decapitated pigeons at his front door, an act of repudiation by the communist Castro dictatorship.

Via CiberCuba (my translation):

Home of Yunior Garcia vandalized, decapitated pigeons hung at his front door

Cuban playwright and activist Yunior Garcia Aguilera was a victim of an act of vandalism and repudiation at the door of his home on Friday morning.

“This was the door to our home this morning. Yesterday they tried to threaten us using the courts and today they do this,” wrote Garcia Aguilera on Twitter.

The tweet included three images where decapitated pigeons can be seen at the front door of his home and the floor covered in feathers and dirt.

“This isn’t anything religious, it’s political, another act of repudiation. I give thanks to my family for standing firm, for their dignity, and for their faith,” he wrote.

After posting the images, the coordinator for the citizen project Archipelago and promoter of the civic march on November 15 received messages of support from other Cubans who blamed the Castro regime for the act of repudiation.

“The complete and direct blame for this belongs to the Cuban government and the state-run media that have been spokesmen for their campaign of hate against Yunior Garcia. Vandalism, assault, and in addition, cruelty to animals,” wrote Cuban independent journalist Jose Raul Gallego on Facebook.

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