Daughter of Cuban independent journalist arrested and sexually assaulted by Castro police

Cuban independent journalist Ignacio Luis González Vidal says his 23-year-old daughter was sexually assaulted by Cuban police when she was arbitrarily arrested in Havana while in line for rationed food.

Via Diario de Cuba (my translation):

Cuban independent journalist says his daughter was arrested and ‘groped’ by police

Cuban independent journalist Ignacio Luis Gonzalez Vidal posted on social media that his 23-year-old daughter, Linda Kelly Gonzalez Leyva, was “groped” by a Cuban police officer while she was trying to buy food.

Furthermore, the reporter, who is now residing in the U.S., said the young woman was then taken to the police station at Zanja and Dragones and charged with “contempt.”

The arrest that led to the sexual abuse took place when Gonzalez Leyva was arguing with some other people who had cut into the line at the Carlos III Market.

“Security at the market told the police (about the argument) and they intercepted her outside the store and in front of everyone there, began groping her since she was not resisting the arrest,” said Gonzalez Vidal.

“She isn’t part of the riffraff, as they call people who don’t work or go to school in Cuba. She is enrolled in the university studying and has always kept herself on the sidelines of the contentious political situation on the island,” said the journalist.

Gonzalez Vidal related to another incident in the past where his daughter was also a victim of sexual assault, “in a hospital where a nurse with a long criminal record attempted to rape her,” which he believes was the regime retaliating against him for his reporting from exile.

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  1. Oh, well, this is either a fabrication or “she asked for it.” Everyone knows the agents of “socialism” would never do anything improper. I mean, do you see any “progressive” women condemning this?

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