Cuban pastor arrested for peacefully protesting on July 11 facing 10 years in prison

Religious persecution, repression, and blatant human rights violations: just another day in communist Cuba.

Via Baptist Standard:

Cuban pastor faces possible 10-year prison sentence

A Cuban Protestant pastor detained more than three months without trial may face a 10-year prison sentence, and two Baptist ministers held during the summer have been threatened with imprisonment if they participate in any further activity considered critical of the government.

Maridelegnis Carballo was informed Oct. 22 the government is seeking to impose a 10-year sentence on her husband, according to Christian Solidarity Worldwide, a United Kingdom-based human rights organization focused on freedom of religion and conscience.

Cuban State Security detained her husband, Pastor Lorenzo Rosales Fajardo of the Monte de Sion Independent Church in Palma Soriano, after he was involved in peaceful protests on July 11.

He currently is being held at Boniato Maximum Security Prison after more than a month at the Versalles State Security facility, where he reportedly was beaten and urinated on by guards. He lost a tooth due to the severe beatings.

His wife of more than 20 years has been permitted only one 90-minute visit with her husband in more than three months, and he has been allowed only a few three-minute phone calls with his family.

“He is not a criminal; he is a man of God,” Maridelegnis Carballo told Christian Solidarity Worldwide. “I am very afraid for his life, for the terrible treatment to which he is being subjected and even now he is in a situation where he is totally unable to defend himself. They are violating everything. … My children and I plead for help, please. These are cries for help which we lift up to God and to you. He is in danger.”

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