Cuban priest condemns government’s violent ‘rapid response brigades’

Troublemaker Father Alberto Reyes

From our Bureau of Meddlesome Priests

He knows he can end up in prison for criticizing Castro, Inc., but he continues to do it. Very few clerics in Castrogonia have shown as much contempt for the criminal oligarchy that has oppressed the Cuban people for the past 62 years, 9 months, and 26 days.

If you are a praying person, pray for Father Reyes. Sooner or later, Castro, Inc. is bound to pounce on him, as it does on all who dare to speak up and to say things such as “Cuba is one huge jail where if you complain they put you in another, much smaller one.”

His latest inspirational blast against Castro, Inc. focuses on the brigades that are currently being trained to attack protesters.

Rapid response brigade being trained in the proper use of wooden clubs
Rapid response brigade being trained in the proper use of firearms (in Matanzas province)

Abridged and loosely translated from Diario de Cuba:

Cuban priest Alberto Reyes warned that with the creation of the so-called “rapid response brigades,” paramilitary mobs organized by the Cuban regime to physically attack protesting citizens, “a limit was crossed that should never have been crossed.”

Regarding Miguel Díaz-Canel’s new call to his followers to “close ranks” and “face any demonstration” against the regime, in reference to the Civic March for Change called for November 15, the parish priest of the Archdiocese of Camagüey shared a reflection on its Facebook wall.

Under the title “Rapid Violence Brigades”, Reyes recalled that the exclusion policies of Cubans who do not share the regime’s precepts gave rise to the “diabolical idea of ??the so-called ‘Rapid Response Brigades.’ Presented with the mythical and false propaganda of the ‘fiery people defending their Revolution’, a limit was crossed that should never have been crossed and that should not be crossed by any society: confront brothers against brothers, attack your neighbors, yours, your own people ” .

“Today, when many people born in this land and part of this people raise their voices to ask for changes through dialogue and peaceful understanding, they turn to the worst of the human being: violence against their own brother,” he said .

“But who calls for violence? Well-known but anonymous faces, people who will never appear on a screen saying even phrases as ambiguous as: ‘Defend the Revolution!’ When terms like hitting, assaulting, repressing are understood, we can resort to the euphemisms of language. But none of that will be said by those who have the authority to say it, because that is called ‘dirty work’, and the royal power takes good care not to leave accusatory traces, “he continued.

“Who is doing the ‘dirty work’? Middle managers, people in charge of preparing everything but who perhaps will not take action either: they will summon, send others, push, watch from the corners, but perhaps they will take good care of never appear in a photo hitting another next to a sign that says: ‘Repressor!’

Finally, the priest recalled: “Everything in life has a price. Being free has a price, and being a slave too. Serving power and doing ‘dirty work’ has a price, as does standing up and not letting others do it. They use you to attack. Going out to beat your brothers, has a price; saying ‘no’ or, at least, staying home, also has it. We will all have to pay for what we choose, but that is neither thought nor decided in the middle of a crowd. “

Whole story HERE in Spanish

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  1. He’d better not go near the Vatican, even without a Cuban flag. Too political–or rather, too politically incorrect. If he were of the same mind as the Hebe Bonafini witch, he’d get a very warm welcome.

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