Grandson of communist Cuban dictator Fidel Castro re-opens luxury apartheid capitalist nightclub

Some animals are more equal than others

From our Bureau of Socialist Equity with assistance from our Animal Farm Desk

George Orwell’s tyrannical communist pigs in his fable Animal Farm dismissed inequalities in their ostensibly egalitarian society by saying “some animals are more equal than others.”

This motto should be inscribed on the flag of every communist or socialist country in the world, beginning with Castrogonia.

There is actually a law in Castrogonia against the crime of “self-enrichment.” But, of course, that law does not apply to the elites who run the country or their privileged children who can afford to party at expensive nightclubs such as the one owned by “cuentapropista” Sandro Castro, grandson of the dictator who abolished private property. And let’s not forget the foreigners. They love Sandro’s nightclub and can afford it. Socialists always need some self-enrichment up there at the tippy-top penthouse of power that belongs to them.

This is the same Sandro Castro who showed off his Mercedes Benz on the internet last year. Little Sandro is putting on a “Night of Terror” Halloween costume contest at which prizes will be awarded. A suggestion for all who want to inspire terror and win this night of terror contest: You should show up dressed as Fidel, Raul, Mariela Castro, or Che, or Miguel “Singao” Diaz-Canel. That’s REAL terror….

Don’t wait for a tsunami of outrage and condemnations from leftists anywhere, especially in the U.S. and Europe. This is fine with them. Absolutely praiseworthy…..after all, it involves Cuban savages who will always need superior oligarchs and glitzy night clubs for foreigners with cash to spare.

Another night of terror to add to the other ones over the past 62 years, 10 months, and 29 days… and, oh, please notice the apartheid-appropriate blue eyes on the Halloween reveler in the poster

Abridged and loosely translated from Periodico Cubano:

Sandro Castro, a grandson of the late Cuban dictator Fidel Castro, will reopen his exclusive bar in Havana with “capitalist traditions” as he invites the public to wear the best Halloween costumes on the reopening night after months of suspension of activities for reasons of the COVID-19.According to the promotion, Saturday October 30 will be a “Night of Terror” where the best costume will be awarded.

“This will be very big, you cannot miss it,” writes the owner of EFE Bar, who ensures compliance with the “hygienic-sanitary measures against COVID-19.” The bar hours start at 9 at night and closing is at four in the morning.

EFE Bar is the name of the nightclub owned by Sandro Castro where the wealthiest people in Havana and tourists tend to go because its high prices are not unaffordable for the vast majority of the population.

On several occasions the members of the Castro family, who have run the Caribbean island for more than 62 years, have insisted on the discourse that these festivities of the capitalist world have nothing to do with Cuban traditions.

In prepandemic times, the official press criticized the Halloween costumes that Cuban youth wore on the Havana Malecon esplanade. “It is an ode to commercialism,” they said. Now it is unknown what they called him when Fidel’s grandson used these “imperialist traditions” to earn money.

Last February, Fidel Castro’s grandson was a tendency to show off a Mercedes Benz car while the Cuban people are going through one of the worst economic and health crises in their history.

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Boo !

2 thoughts on “Grandson of communist Cuban dictator Fidel Castro re-opens luxury apartheid capitalist nightclub”

  1. He’s just a spoiled, entitled punk who was never taught to be any different, so he’s going for the gusto while there’s gusto to be had. Obviously, he’s got no hang-ups about being a useless, indolent parasite, assuming he’s even self-aware enough to see that, and he’s definitely got no sense of shame or impropriety.

    There are plenty more such parasites in Cuba, and he’s hardly the worst, even if he’s more stupid than many. In a way, relatively speaking, his frankness is almost amusing. At least he’s not some dweeb trying to pass for a fashion model or an utterly cynical fraud like Mariela Castro running a “gay rights” scam.

  2. Halloween, of course, is not a Cuban thing but borrowed from the “Empire,” an irony obviously lost on the exhibitionistic little brat who desperately wants to be cool, hip and “happening.” As I said, he’s a minor player, but obviously part of a huge, stinking pile of Castro crap.

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