Pope Francis: A true believer in Cuba’s communist Castro dictatorship

It seems Papa Ché has yet to meet a violently oppressive and murderous Marxist dictatorship he doesn’t admire.

Julio Schilling explains in El American:

Pope Francis: A True Supporter in Castro-Communism

The latest anti-Cuban developments in the Vatican should surprise no one. Throughout the years, Pope Francis has shown a troubling affinity for Marxist regimes and disregard for human rights violations

It should have surprised no one when the Vatican’s political police removed a Cuban flag from a kneeling parishioner who was quietly praying for Cuba’s freedom during the October 24 Sunday Mass at St. Peter’s Square. The papacy under Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio has witnessed a seismic shift in the Holy See’s relationship with pagan political religions such as socialism since 2013. Castro-Communism, however, appears to have a special place in the heart and soul of Pope Francis.

The first Jesuit bishop of Rome has taken up the common cause on a host of issues sustained by the ultra-left and globalist actors on the environment, immigration policy, free-market capitalism, Critical Theory premises (race, gender, feminist, post-colonial, etc.), COVID-19 policies, and communist and Islamic regimes around the world. Pope Francis has never been timid about expressing his views on temporal matters in the public domain. During his 2015 visit to communist Cuba, however, not a remark was expressed concerning the gravity of the crimes against humanity his Marxist-Leninist hosts have systematically committed.

The main topics touched upon by the first pope born in the Americas during his Cuban papal trip were the sought-after “reconciliation” the Castro regime, the Obama administration and the pope were secretly working on. This infamous rapprochement sham—also known as the Castro-Obama pact—conditioned absolutely nothing in terms of human rights betterment for the Cuban people. It was a lifeline gift, Bergoglio’s Vatican extended to the communist dictatorship.

During the private meeting with Cuban tyrant Fidel Castro, Pope Francis gave him a copy of his encyclical Laudato Si, an eco-socialist advocacy treatise on climate change and carbon emissions, which additionally distorts and misrepresents the views of St. Francis of Assisi. Not a peep or even a pamphlet about civil and political liberties.

Cuban human rights activist and former political prisoner Ángel Moya stated at the time to The Guardian comparing the Argentine pontiff’s trip to the 1998 papal visit by Pope John Paul II, “John Paul spoke out clearly, but the current pope [Pope Francis] is too soft with regards to human rights. Cubans have a harsh life, but he has not been categorical enough when talking about civil liberties”. Both Moya and his wife Berta Soler, a leader of the Ladies in White movement, were detained as were most of the Cuban opposition during Pope Francis stay in Cuba. This repressive spree did not disturb Bergoglio or his entourage.

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2 thoughts on “Pope Francis: A true believer in Cuba’s communist Castro dictatorship”

  1. Bergoglio’s approach to Cuba’s tragedy has been to give one scandal after another, one offense after another, one insult after another. Perhaps he does not see it that way because he is a “true believer,” but not in what he is supposed to believe. We are not talking about isolated or ambiguous incidents; the evidence is plentiful and clear. He has lost all credibility and respectability, certainly from a Cuban perspective. Abominable.

  2. I have not seen a photo of “His Holiness” in such a jovial, cordial mode with any significant political figure of a perceived right-wing persuasion–but I have certainly seen the opposite, most notably with Trump, but also with Mauricio Macri when he was the president of Argentina. I have also seen this pope in the same jovial, cordial mode with multiple leftist (including far leftist) figures. The math does itself.

    As for Bergoglio’s “troubling affinity,” evidently it doesn’t trouble him in the least, which is one reason he’s so open about it. Actually, I expect he thinks he’s righteous and perfectly appropriate in what he says and does.

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