Vatican’s excuse for banning Cubans from St. Peter’s basilica rings hollow

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According to Diario de Cuba, Vatican officials have tried to whitewash their assault on Cuban protesters last Sunday, claiming that “at no time was it a censorship,” and that their ban was simply due to a standing policy against political demonstrations at St. Peter’s square. “Neither with Francis, nor with Benedict XVI, nor with Saint John Paul II or any other pontiff have any demonstrations with political overtones ever been allowed here,” said these unidentified officials.

Well… no surprise….this is a brazen lie. Marti Noticias reports that while the Italian police did not allow the entry of Cubans who wore white and carried Cuban flags, pilgrims from many other countries were allowed to display their national flags on Sunday.

Even worse, demonstrations with “political overtones” take place routinely, including one held at St. Peter’s square in 2008 during which pro-Castro activists called for the freeing of the Castronoid “Cuban Five” spies who were jailed in the U.S., an event aggressively publicized by the Castro dictatorship’s Ministry of Truth.

A question for Papa Che and his advisors: Would you also ban Cubans who support the current dictatorship? Wouldn’t their presence at St. Peter’s also have “political overtones”? We know the answer, Your Holiness. Just razzing you…. with all due disrespect.

Redacted and loosely translated from Marti Noticias.

“This was a discriminatory act, because there were Spanish, Peruvian and many other country flags, but Cuban flags were not allowed,” said the activist Oteola, who pointed out that only seven Cubans were able to enter Plaza San Pedro. According to videos, at least two Cubans had their flags removed by security guards.

To reinforce his position, Otaola stressed that there were pilgrims from all over the world and Cuban pilgrims were expelled from St. Peter’s Square, despite the fact that for two months he coordinated and made representations to the Vatican.

On Sunday, November 2, 2008, militants from the Circle of Rome of the Italy-Cuba Friendship Association demanded in the center of St. Peter’s Square the freedom of “the Cuban Five”– five citizens captured and convicted in the US for spying on behalf of the intelligence services. from Cuba.

Among the crowd of faithful who had attended the homily of the then Pope Benedict XIV, the protesters unfolded a banner calling for the freedom of the five spies.

The group itself released the video that includes the aforementioned. The fact was also reported by state media on the island.

“It is impossible that precisely the day that Bartimaeus is spoken of, the blind man who shouted for Jesus to hear him, the Pope does not know that there were 2,000 people there to be heard. This is impossible, “said Otaola in an interview..

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No politics allowed here at the Vatican. No. Never…..

3 thoughts on “Vatican’s excuse for banning Cubans from St. Peter’s basilica rings hollow”

  1. If anyone cannot claim to oppose mixing politics with religion it is Bergoglio, who’s basically a politician in clerical garb. He’s not a great politician (too obvious), and certainly not a good diplomat (too doctrinaire, though I’m not talking about Catholic doctrine), but he’s highly political and hardly subtle about it.

    According to Otaola, the event’s chief organizer, attempts were made to contact the Vatican for two months before the incident, but there was no response until some five days before, when they were told demonstrations were not allowed in St. Peter’s Square and were not offered another option. This would mean the Vatican knew ahead of time and had a chance to plan what was eventually done.

    Mind you, I am aware that Otaola has a show to promote, and this incident could be seen as a way to get publicity, but methinks the Vatican is being disingenuous or not fully honest. Bergoglio is far too compromised regarding Castro, Inc. to be trusted, and his lukewarm response to the 11J protests came across as perfunctory and half-hearted, not to say woefully lame. Thus, the bad optics continue.

  2. The Vatican is not entitled to claim it opposes mixing politics and religion, because Bergoglio has done that glaringly and routinely as pope. In the case of Cuba, he was in cahoots with Obama to “normalize” the intrinsically abnormal Castro, Inc., which he did in secret behind Cubans’ backs without their approval, but it gets worse–he did it secretly because Obama’s needs required that, but once the scheme was unveiled, he proudly acknowledged his involvement, which he could have kept secret indefinitely with Obama’s cooperation. Again, he is a “true believer,” hence his relative transparency, but it’s belief in the wrong thing.

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