While Cubans struggle to find food, Castro dictatorship flaunts abundance of meat for foreign tourists

Cubans spend entire days standing in line in the hope of getting a morsel of rationed food. Meanwhile, the communist Castro dictatorship is showing off all the fine meats it has available for foreign tourists.

Via Diario de Cuba (my translation):

A display of meat for the tourist industry and dollars-only stores sparks indignation among Cubans

Images from the 2021 Granma Fair Expo where several examples of top-quality meats and cuts of beef that are unrecognizable to many Cubans has awakened indignation on social media. Internet users are criticizing how in the middle of a food shortage crisis battering Cubans, these products are available for the tourism industry and to stock stores that sell only in dollars.

“The Manuel Fajardo Genetic and Breeding Company based in Jiguani is displaying these products at the 2021 Granma Fair Expo. ‘Negotiations with tourism clients are moving forward. A contract with the Caracol Granma Company has been completed,’ engineer Karel Leyva Trinchet, a quality control specialist for that entity, wrote on Facebook.” The post appeared on the Radio Jiguani Facebook page along with the controversial photos.

The post has spread like wildfire. From the radio station’s official page alone, it has been shared 120 times and has crossed over to other social media sites such as Twitter.

Twitter user Manuel Milanes asked: “Filets? Top round? Steaks? Ossobuco? Lamb shoulder? Pork? Bacon? Fresh chicken? Smoked chicken? Dried beef? All of this is produced in Granma? I want to know: which one of you have ever found this in the ‘basic rations’ you get at the ‘social justice’ stores?”

Miverdad Cuba posted on Facebook that the only thing left for stores catering to Cubans are the intestines, the bones, and ground up animal skins sold as ground beef.

Omar Bauzo wrote: “So much noise yet so few nuts. Tourism is the sacred word. We all work arduously to promote tourism under the vague promise it will bring the people the things it needs. It’s now been 62 years; tourism continues but nothing has changed.”

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  1. Indignation? Who do these savages think they are? Canadians? Let them get a clue and know their place. The answer to everything is ultimately the same: What matters is Castro, Inc., NOT “the people.”

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