Cuban American candidate for Virginia Attorney General running on common sense policies

As the son of a Cuban exile mother who fled communism where there is no respect for individuals or the rule of law, Jason Miyares understands the destruction wreaked by leftist policies. If he wins today, Miyares vows to restore the rule of law and common sense to Virginia.

Via Fox News:

Son of Cuban exile hopes to unseat Virginia attorney general: ‘This is a movement’

Jason Miyares, the Republican candidate for Virginia attorney general vowed to restore a sense of law and order to the commonwealth if elected on Tuesday.

“If you want a politician, that’s my opponent,” he said. “If you want a prosecutor, I’m your candidate.

Miyares, whose mother fled to the U.S. from Communist Cuba, told “Fox News Primetime” Monday that minority communities, many of whom traveled to the U.S. in search of a better life, share the concerns of parents across the country when it comes to the safety and education of their children.

“They want the same things,” he said. “They are so concerned about what they are seeing with politicians playing political games with the safety of our kids and our schools. They’re so concerned about a parole board in Virginia letting out cop killers, murderers and rapists back on the streets early, and some of them committed more crime. They’re seeing inflation through the roof,” he said.

If elected, Miyares would be the first-ever Latino to serve as attorney general in the state.

“In our polling, we are winning the Latino vote and so is Glenn Youngkin,” Miyares said. “We have really loved everybody into our campaign. It’s not about left or right in Virginia. It’s about a movement and common sense. And that’s why we’re winning independents by double digits.”

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