Cuban dictatorship continues harassment and persecution of peaceful march organizers

Cuban activists organizing a peaceful march for change on November 15 in Cuba continue to be the victims of repression by the communist Castro dictatorship.

Via CubaNet (my translation):

‘Whatever happens, happens’: Members of Archipielago talk about the November 15 march

Chemical engineer David Martinez Espinosa, attorney Fernando Almeyda, and entrepreneur Sayli Gonzalez, all members of the Archipielago Group, denounced on Monday the harassment they’ve received in the last few weeks from State Security over the call for the Civic March for Change.

In statements made to CubaNet, the activists say they are feeling the effects of the harassment and persecution by authorities. In some cases, they have been summoned and subjected to interrogations and in other cases fired from their jobs.

The threats, they point out, are not just aimed at Archipielago, but at anyone who publically expresses their intention to march.

“They’ve made terrible threats, fired people from their jobs, expelled them from universities, thrown them in prison. They’re telling everyone who intends to march that they’re going to end up in prison,” said David Martinez who in October was expelled from the Cienfuegos Medical Sciences University where he was a professor.

Authorities made the decision to expel him due to his activism on social media and his declaration that he would participate in the November 15 march.

“It’s intense harassment that shows basic rights don’t exist in this country. Anyone looking at us from outside of Cuba knows that it makes no sense. In no democratic country is a citizen harassed and threatened simply because he wants to march,” he added.

The professor insists there is a need for a civic and peaceful struggle to bring about changes on the island.

“We can’t continue having one conversation inside our homes and a different one outside. We can’t continue like this. It’s over. Whatever happens, happens.”

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