Cuban dictatorship steps up its efforts to create mayhem and crush 15 November protesters with violence

Socialists eager to initiate dialogue

From our Bureau of Constructive Socialist Dialogue

Very constructive dialogue, indeed. If anyone dares to complain in public, smash in their skulls with a truncheon. That will make them agree with you and shut up.

Independent journalists in Cuba report an alarming increase in the number of civilians being who are being trained to smash heads and break bones on November 15. Some workplaces are requiring their employees to attack all protesters with wooden or metal truncheons.

Previous reports and photos showed civilians wielding firearms too. But chances are that one of the last things Castro, Inc. would like to do is to arm civilians with guns. The truncheons are much safer — no chance of anyone going rogue and shooting at soldiers. And the truncheons are much lovelier than guns, symbolically, more socialist in essence, a symbol of spontaneous paternalistic love by a working class eager to defend their socialist utopia from spoiled malcontents and “mercenaries” hired by the capitalist imperialists to the North who are hell-bent on enslaving the world.

Aaaah, the wonders of socialism….such creativity…. such love….as the Good Book says,” A rod and a reprimand impart wisdom” (Proverbs 29:15); and “Whoever spares the rod does not truly love their children” (Proverbs 13:24).

Socialists enjoying a dialogue lesson

Loosely translated from Marti Noticias:

Government preparations throughout the country are intensifying to repress protesters who try to participate in the civic march called for November 15, Cubans from the island told Radio Televisión Martí.

In Pinar del Río, José Rolando Cásares, member of the Table of the Council for the Democratic Transition in Cuba, affirmed that despite state repression, the intention is to leave on November 15.

“There are state companies here in the provincial capital, such as the communications company (ETECSA), which are preparing the personnel to respond violently against the participants in the march. As the so-called President Díaz-Canel said, the order to fight is given, ”said the opponent.

From Jatibonico, in the province of Sancti Spíritus, Vladimir Ríos Cruz warned that the workers of the export twisted tobacco factory in the town of Arroyo Blanco have already been summoned to repress the possible protesters of the 15N.

The representative of the communist party in that workplace held a meeting where “he summoned all the people who work in the factory to clobber with a truncheon everyone who goes out to demonstrate on 15N,” said Ríos Cruz.

“They have marabou wooden clubs in a sack for each of the members of that tobacco factory,” the activist explained.

The independent journalist from Spiritus Adriano Castañeda commented that even people with conduct problems [hardened criminals] are being trained to repress Cubans who march.

“Work centers and student groups are carrying out exercises to neutralize Cubans with physical violence on November 15, using wooden and metal clubs,” said the communicator.

Fernando Vázquez Guerra, coordinator of the Patriotic Union of Cuba (UNPACU) in the province of Camagüey, said that the authorities’ plan to repress the participants in the civic march is already underway there.

“They are meeting with the Committees for the Defense of the Revolution (CDR) and work centers and, in public places such as parks, these are already being permanently monitored,” the activist warned.

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  1. Right. Because shitty, scummy people, plenty of them, are always at hand–and if you don’t think there are such people around you, wherever you live, you’re not fully in touch with reality.

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