Number of political prisoners in communist Cuba reaches a 20 year high

Throughout its 60+ year history, Cuba’s socialist revolution has never been able to produce food, shelter, or prosperity, but it has been extremely good at producing political prisoners.

Via Martí Noticias (my translation):

Cuba reaches the highest number of political prisoners in twenty years and surpasses the numbers of Venezuela and Nicaragua combined, according to CPD

The Cuban Prisoners Defenders (CPD) organization raised the number of political prisoners on the island to 683 with 370 added since the historic protests of July 11.

“The spiraling growth of the list of political prisoners in Cuba seems unstoppable. Not only is it greater than the number of political prisoners in Venezuela and Nicaragua combined, it appears it may be double the number of the sum of those two countries,” said CPD president Javier Larrondo.

This results in the largest number of political prisoners in the last twenty years, even greater than the number after the Black Spring of 2003, according to the numbers released today.

“July 11 has had consequences for thousands of families in Cuba whose innocent children are languishing in prison. Some are facing prison sentences that are longer than the years they’ve been alive,” said Larrondo in a statement to Radio Television Martí.

The majority of the prisoners “are concentrated in neighborhoods and rural areas with the most poverty and inequality in Cuba.”

“The median age is 34, which compared to the general population of Cuba, is evidence of a crime against the country’s youth. 114 of them are 25 years old or younger,” he added.

The list includes only “a small fraction of the real number, the full verification of which is unattainable.”

According to the report, there are “more than 1,500 cases of house arrests, under prosecution, or already sentenced applied to detained protesters since July 11.”