The 40 Democrats who sided with the Castro dictatorship and voted against freedom in Cuba

Award-winning Cuban American sports columnist Armando Salguero exposes the 40 Democrats who took the side of the communist Castro dictatorship and voted against the struggle for freedom in Cuba.

Via Outkick:

The 40 US Representatives Who Sided With Cuba’s Communist Government And Against ‘Libertad’

The United States Congress on Wednesday voted on House Resolution 760, a symbolic resolution expressing support for the Cuban people who have and continue protesting, seeking “libertad,” or liberty on the imprisoned island run by a tyrannical communist regime.

The resolution, meant to be bipartisan as it was introduced by South Florida democrat Debbie Wasserman Shultz and agreed to by 240 Republicans, condemns the communist regime’s violent response to the peaceful protests.

So pretty simple stuff:

Good guys wanting freedom and liberty get a yea vote.

Communist bad guys answering with violence to stay in power helped by a nay vote.

The United States Congress should obviously side with good and not wickedness.

And yet 40 democrats voted against the resolution. Some of those were Hispanics, although not Cuban-Americans. And some of those who voted nay were congressmen and congresswomen who enthusiastically supported BLM and Antifa protests in the United States last summer.

Four other legislators, three democrats and republican Thomas Massie of Kentucky, were so torn about what is right and wrong, they did the politically expedient thing by voting “present.”

The resolution passed on a 382-40 vote, with four fence-sitters voting “present.”

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  1. And no, those who refused to even symbolically support the oppressed Cuban people are not ashamed, assuming they even have the capacity for shame. As for the “Latins” among them, they might as well be of Somalian extraction for all I care. I am not “Latin” and they are all quite alien to me.

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