Surprise! Cuban university students will join soldiers for military exercises November 15-20

Fraternal love to be displayed on November 15

From our Bureau of Sheer Coincidences, with assistance from our Bureau of Subtle Intimidation

As November 15 approaches, Castro, Inc. is finding new ways to scare the hell out of any Cuban who might want to join in protest marches.

The latest maneuver announced will pit university students against their fellow Cubans. Keep in mind, please, Mildred, that to attend university in Castrogonia, one must be a good Communist youth. Membership in this UJC mentioned in the article below may not be mandatory, but all students know that their future success in Castrogonia depends on joining this club. This ain’t no fraternity or sorority.

Traditionally — in Cuba, B.C. (Before Castro) — university students were a rebellious bunch, and a constant thorn in the side of every dictator. But things are different now. Next week, they will be pressed into service by their dictator alongside soldiers. One must assume that they’ll be armed with weapons other than crude truncheons made from marabu wood.

After all, the motto of this benevolent association is “Study, Work, Rifle” (Estudio, Trabajo, Fusil). See below.

Lord have mercy. Miserere nobis, Domine, cubani sumus.

Future repressors in the making

Loosely translated from Cubita Now

A note from the Cuban official press confirms that the political organization of the island Unión de Jóvenes Comunistas (UJC — Union of Young Communists) intends to carry out a “defense week” from the same November 15 that the civic march is scheduled in the largest of the Antilles until the 20 of that month.

Ana Rosa Granda Esteban, first secretary of the Provincial Committee of the UJC, in Havana confirmed to the state media Cubasí that this action is part of the celebrations of the 502 years of the founding of the city of Havana.

The note states that “Granda Esteban explained that from November 15 to 20 will be National Defense Week, and the last of those days in universities, students will demonstrate their combat skills with members of the Revolutionary Armed Forces.”

Cuban journalist José Raúl Gallego warned about this: “What they are doing with Cuba is very serious: they are willing to lead us to a real civil war, beyond the historical confrontation in which they have plunged us for generations.”

It turns out that among the activities programmed by the UJC to celebrate Havana’s 502nd anniversary, a Defense Week is included from November 15 to 20, which will conclude with exercises to demonstrate combat skills in universities.

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  1. That last photo is sad–like young people smearing themselves with feces and walking around like that in public. Maybe those T-shirts are meaningless to them, but it’s still appalling. Lord have mercy.

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