Uncovering the Marxist/KGB roots of Pope Francis’s love for Cuba’s communist dictatorship

Preferential option for communist dictatorships

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Back in 2017, Cuban-American political scientist and fellow Pedro Pan airlift alumnus José Azel wrote one of the most concise and eye-opening essays ever penned on the true origins of so-called “Liberation Theology,” one of the most horrendous heresies ever to bedevil the Christian religion and the world as a whole.

This heresy, concocted and promoted by the KGB in close cooperation with Castrogonia made its way to the See of Peter in 2013 when Argentine Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio was elected Pope.

And, by the way, as José Azel points out, the Catholic priest and theologian who is regarded as the godfather of Latrine American Liberation Theology, Gustavo Gutierrez, holds a prestigious professorship at the University of Notre Dame in Ithe United States. His enormously influential 1971 book, “A Theology of Liberation,” popularized the politically-charged phrase “preferential option for the poor,” which has led Papa Che to express a “preferential option for communist dictatorships.”

Highly recommended reading, especially after the disgraceful rebuke offered to Cuban dissident exiles at the Vatican two weeks ago. This essay should be assigned reading at every Catholic parish, school, and college. But you know there ain’t no way that’s gonna happen, don’t you, Mildred?

From Moscow and Havana to Latrine America and Rome: The Gun-toting Marxist Jesus of Liberation Theology

Abridged from The Azel Perspective

For two decades, from the 1960s to the 1980s, Liberation Theology intertwined with Marxist ideology, and intensely promoted by Communist Cuba and the Soviet Union, carried out bloody “wars of national liberation” throughout Latin America. Liberation Theology iconography often included the image of a guerilla Jesus carrying a soviet weapon. Today it seems to be undergoing something of a revival. Since divinity is not in my wheelhouse, I will stay within the boundaries of history and politics.

Liberation Theology began as a movement within the Latin American Catholic Church. In its present form it is a varied inter-denominational, international movement…The intellectual methodology of Liberation Theology relies heavily on Marxism. In its present form, the movement has distanced itself from Marxism, but uniformly advocates some form of socialism.

This would be simply a historical note, except for two intriguing developments. The first originates with the highest-ranking defector from communism in the 1970s, three-star general of the Romanian secret police, Ion Mihai Pacepa. The second originates with the highest authority of the Catholic Church, and the first Latin American to hold that post, Pope Francis.

According to Ion Pacepa, Liberation Theology was the creation of a 1960 top-secret KGB program.

The program called for the KGB to secretly take control of the World Council of Churches based in Switzerland, and use it as a cover for converting Liberation Theology into a destabilizing revolutionary tool. The KGB began by building an international religious organization called the Christian Peace Conference as an appendix to the World Peace Council.

During his years at the top of the Soviet intelligence community, Mr. Pacepa managed the Romanian operations of the World Peace Council which he claims was “as purely KGB as it gets.” Mr. Pacepa goes on to explain how these organizations were able to “maneuver a group of leftist South American clerics into holding a Conference of Latin American Bishops at Medellin, Colombia.” Indeed, the 1968 Medellin Latin America Episcopal Conference laid the groundwork for Liberation Theology.

It is tempting to dismiss Mr. Pacepa’s claims, but his credentials are impressive. After defecting in 1978, he helped the Central Intelligence Agency dismantle the intelligence network of communist Romania.

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  1. Bergoglio’s, uh, “understanding” of the abhorrent Marxist crucifix was a flagrant red flag, and what it signaled has been repeatedly corroborated. The man is VERY seriously compromised, to put it mildly.

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