International community must hold the Castro dictatorship accountable for any violence on November 15

There will likely be violence from the communist Castro dictatorship when Cubans take to the streets in a peaceful protest march November 15. Will the world hold the regime accountable or continue looking the other way?

Via the Center for a FREE Cuba:

Whether Cubans will be victims of a bloody crackdown or enjoying a political opening on N15 is up to the int’l community, and holding Havana accountable

The Frankfurt based International Society for Human Rights released a statement six days before the N15 protests announcing their concern “that the one-party government of the Cuban communists, which has ruled for 62 years, will follow the negative example of the Chinese communists and use massive violence to suppress the civil demonstrations.” China got away with its June 4, 1989 Tiananmen Square bloodbath because the international community was complicit. Although pro-forma protests were made against the massacre by most governments, business continued as usual. The world is paying the price for that immoral act in both blood and treasure today.

The question is not what the Castro regime wants to do, but what consequences the dictatorship in Havana will face if they unleash massive violence on peaceful protesters?

Martin Lessenthin, spokesman of ISHR Germany and René Gómez Manzano, president of ISHR Cuba are both right “Germany and the EU partners must use the time until November 15th. They should make it clear to the rulers in Havana that violence against peaceful demonstrators will lead to the termination of all economic cooperation with the island nation. Every Cuban has a right to freedom of expression!”

Reporting by both The Wall Street Journal, and the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation are grim. The Castro dictatorship is already cracking down providing its familiar trifecta for dissidents to choose from: prison, exile, or death. The first two are openly on the table and discussed, and the third is understood, but unsaid.

Equally troubling is the analysis by Cuban journalist and scholar Carlos Alberto Montaner about the reappearance of the disgraced former Vice President Carlos Lage as a message to Miguel Díaz-Canel that his future is not secure. He called for violence on camera back on July 11, 2021 and could be used as a scapegoat for the repression unleashed in the days leading up to, and on November 15th. The Cuban president should be sanctioned and held accountable for his crimes against humanity, but there are many others in the dictatorship that should be with him in the dock for their crimes.

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