Two South African students arrested by Cuban police after brutal beating, one of them hospitalized

It’s obvious black lives don’t matter in communist Cuba — either native or foreign — but you’ll never hear a peep about that from BLM or American socialists.

Via CiberCuba (my translation):

Two arrested and one of hospitalized after police violence against South African students in Villa Clara

Two young men were arrested by police and one of them had to be hospitalized as a result of police violence against South African students on Sunday at the Villa Clara Medical Sciences University.

According to sources close to the victims, the altercation was provoked by the arrogance of Cuban police. The police, upon their arrival at the university around 11:30 PM, demanded a party that was taking place to be ended, a foreign student in Santa Clara who didn’t know who called the police told CiberCuba.

“The students were celebrating the weekend as they usually do,” said the source. He also said the administrators of the student dormitory had authorized the party where birthdays from Thursday and Friday were being celebrated.

“Two police officers entered the university without permission from the school. And they came to where the young students were celebrating and told them they had to end the party,” he said.

The South African students didn’t understand why they couldn’t have a party in their own dormitory if “everything is now open,” said the source, referring to the loosening of pandemic restrictions. They also confronted the police asking them: “why are you here at our home bothering us?”

The students at the party tried to reason with the police and offered to “lower the volume of the music, but they weren’t ending the party.” None of the students attacked the police physically or verbally, said the student who asked that his identity not be revealed.

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