Cuban dictatorship steps up religious persecution as November 15 protest march approaches

Along with organizers of the peaceful protest march set for November 15th, the communist Castro dictatorship is also going after Christian pastors in an effort to curb growing support for the opposition.

Via Martí Noticias (my translation):

As November 15 approaches, the regime lashes out against evangelical pastors

The director of the prominent William Carey Biblical Seminary in Havana, Pastor Jatniel Perez Feria, has been summoned by police to appear at the Zapata and C police station located at the Plaza de la Revolucion neighborhood of Havana this Wednesday at 11:30 AM.

The Carey Seminary, an evangelical institution with locations in several countries and well represented in Cuba with locations in 11 cities throughout the island, strongly denounced the arrest of two pastors. Yeremi Blanco Ramirez and Yarian Sierra, who both work with the seminary in Matanzas, were arrested after the July 11 protests.

Perez is holding the communist regime responsible for the well-being of both these religious leaders. “Why were they arrested solely for being at a peaceful protest? I hold the government of Cuba and its president Miguel Diaz-Canel responsible.”

Evangelical pastor Luis Cambara has also been summoned to present himself on Wednesday to the police station known as Palacete in Santiago de Cuba in connection with the November 15 march.

Santiago de Cuba pastor Alain Toledano says that more than 15 members of his church have already received similar summons as well.

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