Handicapped 74-year-old woman vows she will take to the streets in protest on November 15

While the growing movement for freedom and democracy in communist Cuba is led largely by young Cubans, older Cubans are joining in as well after spending a lifetime in misery and oppressed.

Via CiberCuba (my translation):

Elderly lady of 74 says she will take to the streets on November 15 to demand the end of the dictatorship in Cuba

Elderly Cuban Maria Casado Ureña, who is 74 and physically handicapped, said she would take to the streets on November 15 in a protest to demand the release of political prisoners and the end of the dictatorship in Cuba.

“I’m an elderly lady of 74, physically handicapped, and I’m going out and taking to the streets of Holguin on November 15 to peacefully demand the end of the dictatorship,” she said in a video posted on social media by the Miranda Leyva family, members of the opposition.

During the protests of July 11, many elderly people tired of the misery and the repression came out in protest, to demand freedom and their rights.

The image of one of them, Sara Naranjo, went viral when a photo of her holding a pot and protesting in the middle of the street made the rounds.

“The blackouts are horrible for me. I can’t breathe from the heat and I try to turn on the fan but I can’t because there’s no electricity. They turn off the electricity and you have no idea when they will turn it back on. And you get bored, tired, it makes you crazy, insane,” she added.

The image of the woman even inspired a mural in Miami.

Another 81-year-old elderly Cuban lady came out and protested at the Capitol during the demonstrations in Havana on July 11.

“We have been living a lie and have been deceived for more than 60 years, this has to end, we will no longer be silenced,” yelled the older lady in the middle of a Havana street.