Cuban dictatorship revokes press credentials for all of Spain’s EFE journalists on the island

The press credentials for all the remaining journalists from the Spanish news agency EFE in Cuba have been revoked by regime authorities. It appears the communist Castro dictatorship is doing its best to ensure images and news of the repression and violence it plans to unleash on peaceful protesters this November 15 never leaves the island.

Via AFP:

Cuban authorities on Saturday revoked the credentials of journalists who work for Spanish news agency EFE, its local editor-in-chief said, on the eve of planned anti-government demonstrations by the opposition.

Atahualpa Amerise, head of EFE’s Cuba bureau, said authorities asked them to return their credentials, without providing “the exact reason” why they would be prohibited from reporting.

“When we asked why, they pointed to the regulations on foreign press,” Amerise said.

“They haven’t told us whether it’s temporary or permanent.”

EFE’s local bureau has three editors, a photographer and a videographer.

Amerise said it was the first time such an order had been given to a foreign press office in Cuba.

The injunction came a day before opposition figure Yunior Garcia’s planned march alone along a street in central Havana in defiance of an official threat of arrest.

Since EFE has been one of the few international news agencies that has exposed the brutality of the Castro dictatorship in the past and given a voice to Cuba’s independent journalists, it’s no surprise they were targeted by the regime.

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  1. The Cuba-based foreign press is thoroughly housebroken and as innocuous as possible, but evidently Castro, Inc. doesn’t want to take any chances in case things get so ugly that ANY coverage will look bad.

    This is also a preemptive move, to send the message that the regime’s tolerance will now be even lower than formerly when it comes to news coverage in general.

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