On day of planned protest march, Cuban dictatorship arrests dissidents, cuts internet access

The communist Castro dictatorship came out in full repressive force on Monday to prevent a peaceful protest march planned for the day. The Cuban regime began the day of the march with acts of repudiation preventing dissidents from leaving their homes, arrests, and cutting off internet for independent journalists on the island.

Cubans all across the island woke up Monday morning to a militarized country with soldiers, police, State Security agents, and plainclothes agents walking the streets ready to pounce on any demonstrators. In addition to that, pro-Castro mobs were organized and sent to surround the homes of opposition leaders and prevent them from taking to the streets.

For those who managed to make it out and attempt a protest , some were quickly arrested (via Martí Noticias – my translation):

During the day on Monday there were several reports of arbitrary arrests to prevent citizens from taking to the streets in protest in the Civic March for Change in Cuba.

In Camagüey, young activist Abdiel Piedra was arrested around 2 PM at the Agramonte Park in that city when he tried to join in the #15NCuba protest.

Cuba’s independent journalists were also victims of the pro-Castro mobs surrounding their homes and the regime cut off their internet so they could not report to the world the repression taking place in Cuba (via Martí Noticias – my translation):

Several independent journalists in Cuba remain under siege in their homes by police and government-organized mobs since Sunday. They have been unable to go out and cover the protest march organized for November 15 by the Archipielago group.

On Monday, the cut off of internet and phone service by the state-run telecommunications monopoly ETECSA on orders from State Security was added to the list of abuses, according to the victims.

Some Cuban activists were able to protest however, according to the Assembly of the Cuban Resistance:

Activists and citizens in La Lisa, Havana, and relatives of a political prisoner who had participated in the July 11 protests (in Santa Clara, Villa Clara) are currently taking part in the activities of November 15 to call for freedom in Cuba.

The family of imprisoned demonstrator Andy García Lorenzo, led by his sister, Roxana García Lorenzo, sang “We want freedom” to members of the regime, who were staging “an act of repudiation”:

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  1. Now, now, let’s be, uh, progressive about this, like our dear Mexican brother President López. Try to see through the lies of the Empire and repeat after me: It’s all the fault of the blockade. See how easy that is?

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