Cuban State Security begins campaign of harassment and arrests of dissidents on day before protest march

Cuban activist and march organizer Yunior Garcia held hostage by State Security in his own home. The sign reads: “My house is surrounded.”

One day before the planned peaceful protest march in Cuba, the Castro dictatorship dispatched its State Security thugs to surround the homes of opposition activists and arrest dissidents. It’s an effort by the regime to prevent activists from taking to the streets and quash any possibility of a repeat of the uprising this past July 11.

Via The Washington Post:

Security forces surrounded the homes of Cuban activists on Sunday, the day before a planned march that will test the strength of the protest movement that erupted last summer when Cubans poured into the streets to demand more political freedoms on the communist-ruled island.

The best-known organizer of Monday’s protest, 39-year-old playwright Yunior García Aguilera, had announced he would march alone through Havana at 3 p.m. on Sunday, carrying a white rose in solidarity with Cubans who had been prevented from participating the following day. But hours before he set out, plainclothes police swarmed his block and besieged his building. He tried to signal to journalists from his apartment, displaying a white sheet in support of the protests, and a rose. People dropped giant Cuban flags over the side of the building to cover the windows.

“We all know we can be detained within a few hours,” García Aguilera said in a Facebook Live post on Sunday morning, appearing nervous but calm. “I will face this with dignity. I believe this country will change.”

He called on people around the nation to clap at 3 p.m. to show their “thirst for freedom,” but there did not appear to be a widespread response. “I won’t renounce my ideas,” he told The Washington Post later Sunday. He said, however, he was penned in by hundreds of security forces outside his home. “The lives of my family members are in danger,” he said.

The communist Castro dictatorship may think its violent efforts to silence dissent is a sign of strength, but in reality, it’s a sign of the murderous regime’s ever-growing weakness.

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  1. If the international community is ever going to do right by Cuba, the time has clearly arrived. Alas, I’ll believe it when I see it. Its track record is piss-poor, not just because of indifference but because of complicity.

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