Cuban dictatorship deploys military and violent pro-government mobs to prevent November 15 march

It was expected, but no less disappointing to see another peaceful protest in Cuba thwarted by the violence and oppression of the communist Castro dictatorship. Desperate to avoid another July 11 where tens of thousands of Cubans took to the streets demanding freedom and the end of the dictatorship, the Castro regime mobilized the military, State Security, police, and violent government-organized mobs to quash the peaceful protest march planned for November 15.

Via Americateve (my translation):

Cuba under siege by the dictatorship: Security forces and the regime’s militants were mobilized to prevent the November 15 march

Cuba is “under siege” by the dictatorship of Miguel Diaz-Canel. Since Sunday, the regime has redoubled its efforts to prevent mass protests planned for Monday at all costs. Reports of assaults, persecution, and threats by security forces and regime militants multiplied over the course of just two hours.

In addition to prohibiting peaceful protests, regime authorities cut access to the internet for thousands of users to prevent the spread of information. Nevertheless, some people were able to share images of what was happening on the island during those hours on social media, which has caught the eye of the international community.

One of the locations with the largest mobilization of regime militants was the city of Santa Clara. In images posted on social media, police can be seen making stops in the middle of the street and arguing with dissidents who were trying to get out to the streets as they did on July 11.

Some of the Castro militants went out with their faces covered and were carrying clubs or other weapons. “We want freedom,” sang one group of dissidents confronting a line of government supporters blocking them from leaving their home.

On social media, several users said this type of confrontation and acts of violence are taking place “all over the country.”

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  1. Again, there can be no “cluelessness” or “confusion” now about what rules Cuba and how it operates. None. There can only be deliberate denial of reality, direct or indirect complicity with the military dictatorship, and flagrant hypocrisy, disingenuousness and perversity–also known as HIJEPUTEZ.

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