Cuban dissidents call for an extension of public protesting for 12 more days

Castronoid act of repudiation

From our Bureau of Pyrrhic Victories with some assistance from our Panic at the Ministry of Fear Bureau

Castro, Inc. proved its expertise in repression yesterday by preventing a reprise of the July 11 protests. Filling the streets with armed patrols, staging acts of repudiation, shutting off internet accesss, encircling the homes of leading dissidents, arresting potential protesters, the repressive dictatorship’s Ministry of Fear managed to thwart the massive protest scheduled for November 15.

But many dissidents and observers are calling yesterday’s events a “great victory” for the cause of freedom in Castrogonia. Some even claimed that the dictatorship had actually “destroyed itself” yesterday.

So, undeterred by yesterday’s repression, the leadership of the Archipielago movement have called for continual demonstrations until November 27. How this will play out is anyone’s guess. But chances are that Castro, Inc. and its Ministry of Fear will continue to squelch all attempts at public displays of displeasure with the so-called “Revolution”….

Let’s see what happens next

Ministry of Fear at work

Loosely translated from Diario de Cuba:

The Archipelago civic movement announced at dawn on Tuesday that the Civic March for Change, on November 15, will run until the 27th or until the regime stops violating the rights of citizens.

“At the close of Day 15N, we still consider that we owe a debt of honor to Apostle José Martí to go and bring him his white roses. Meanwhile, we understand that the causes that motivated the call for 15N are still in force, and the Government has not Once the message has been understood, it is our civic duty to continue raising our voice against injustice. Therefore, we are extending the Civic Day for Change until November 27, “Archipiélago reported on Facebook.

November 27 marks just one year since the peaceful sit-in of some 300 Cubans in front of the Ministry of Culture (MINCULT) in Havana to demand that the Government end the repression against artists and the liberation of the Barracks of the San Isidro Movement. , who a day before were forcibly removed by the political police from the house of Luis Manuel Otero Alcántara.

“If the Government does not give up its efforts to violate our rights, we will continue the civic struggle until Cuba is a State of Rights, a Republic ‘with everyone and for the good of all,'” said the dissident movement..

Archipelago said about the repression unleashed before and during the 15N that “the Cuban Government instead of respecting our right to freedom of expression, assembly and demonstration established in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and recognized by the 2019 Constitution, he has disrespected and criminalized; putting Cubans against Cubans. “

“The Government launched a campaign of terror against any citizen who publicly or veiled expresses his disagreement with the situation in the country. The Cuban Government has responded to our demands as a dictatorship does: extreme militarization of the streets, more than 100 activists besieged, arbitrary detentions, enforced disappearances, acts of repudiation, violence, threats, coercion and hate speech The resurgence of repression against citizens and peaceful protesters is not and will not be accepted.

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  1. Ah, an old woman looking ridiculous in a Che T-shirt, snarling and gesticulating like her presumed idol, the late Bearded Bastard. Such dignity. I hope they’re at least giving her some toiletries for her trouble.

  2. The more heavy-handed and overt the repression, the harder it will be to defend the “revolution.” The usual suspects will still do it, one way or another, but the bloom is definitely off the stinking rose.

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