Celia Cruz: ‘La Bandera que Canta’: The spoken words of Cuba’s Queen of Salsa turned into a new song

Via Diario de Cuba (my translation):

Celia Cruz Entertainment, the entity responsible for protecting the intellectual property of the Cuban singer, released a song on Friday, “Celia Cruz: The Flag that Sings,” which combines the spoken words of Cruz with a melody written by Cuban musician and composer Pavel Urkiza.

The song is an innovative fusion of words and rhythm. It is part of a new project called Talking Music, said Celia Cruz Entertainment.

Talking music is a sound concept that recreates the spoken words of an artist using musical arrangements from the actual artist through an organic process of integration, mixing rhythms, sounds, and contemporary visual gestures. The objective is to transport the artist to the present through music.

The first piece is a tribute to Celia Cruz, one of the most popular and loved Hispanic figures of all time.