Cuban activist who organized protest march apologizes, says he had to flee to Spain

After experiencing the communist Castro dictatorship violent acts of repudiation to quash a peaceful protest march on November 15, march organizer Yunior Garcia says he decided that he had to leave the island.

Via ADN Cuba (my translation):

‘The decision to leave the country was mine alone’: Yunior apologizes from Spain

Yunior Garcia Aguilera, the founder of the Archipielago opposition group and main promoter of the November 15 march outlawed by the communist regime, confirms it was his decision to leave the country and go to Spain.

“I’m not a machine, I’m sorry, I’m a person,” said Garcia in a YouTube interview with filmmaker Ian Padron after arriving in Madrid with his wife Dayana Prieto on November 17.

The activist added that “I’m not saying I didn’t make mistakes or that my decisions were not made under pressure or out of desperation, but, well . . . I’m sorry, they were decisions I had to make during a moment in my life where I was feeling things I had never felt before.”

“The decision to leave the country was mine alone,” he made clear, and one he did not discuss with other members of Archipielago. The decision was made on November 14 when a large police operation was deployed around his home in the La Coronela neighborhood of Havana in an “act of repudiation.”

“Since we woke up — we were awakened around 5 AM — we saw, we suffered, and we experienced everything that took place from that moment until the next morning . . . perhaps I wasn’t prepared for that, not just me [….] in this case my family was there, it was my house, Dayana and my mother-in-law were there […] it’s not only about your dignity, your dedication, it’s also your sense of responsibility,” he lamented.

That day, according to Yunior Garcia’s own words, he “broke down.” He added that “all those hours without sleeping, all the harassment, all of the lack of communication, the threats . . . they obviously have their effect and despite how strong people might think you are, you experience very difficult moments.

“When you live through such difficult moments, where you seriously believe that at any moment they can start stoning your house and they’re going to drag you and your family down the stairs […] when you experience things that can only be described as fascism, a rage starts to build inside you that is hard to control because you’re human.”

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