Cuban dictatorship arrests 15-year-old boy for protesting, shave his head in juvenile prison

The fear and desperation of the communist Castro dictatorship is so extreme that the regime is jailing and humiliating children who dare challenge their totalitarian rule.

Via CiberCuba (my translation):

15-year-old Cuban activist is arrested, held in a correctional facility and his head was shaved after marching on November 15

Cuban adolescent Reniel Rodriguez, who marched this past November 15 dressed in white down a street in Cardenas, Matanzas, was arrested on Wednesday by regime police, say several activists on Twitter.

The Juvenile Libertarian Alliance reports that the minor, who is barely 15, is being held at the Integral Reform School in Matanzas. Authorities have shaved his head and have only allowed him one phone call.

“These facilities are run by the Interior Ministry. Here they conduct programs of total indoctrination and behavior modification for children,” said the organization.

Reniel, who is known on social media under the name “Lunatic Debates,” posted a video on November 15 showing himself joining the Civic March for Change organized by the Archipielago group and calling for his fellow Cubans to join in protest.

Before he was taken into police custody, a member of the Communist Party, presumably sent by State Security, forced him to erase the video of his march and post a tweet asking his followers to stop sharing what he did.

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