The mystery of Cuban “activist” Yunior Garcia: Regime setup or false prophet?

Yunior at press conference in Madrid, November 17

From our Bureau of Suspicious Minds with some assistance from our Annals of Radio Bemba Bureau

The man who set up the November 15 protest vanished on the day of the event, and suddenly appeared in Spain, claiming the pressure from Castro, Inc. proved to be too much for him.. Teary-eyed, he confessed his weakness in a news conference in Madrid.

But how did he get to leave the country so quickly, so instantly, while the regime threatened him with arrest constantly and his house was surrounded by Castro, Inc. thugs? And why did his organization Archipielago think that he had been arrested?

Could his orchestration of the N15 event have been directed by Castro, Inc. itself? Some Cubans are now accusing him of being a Castronoid in sheep’s clothing. Ay, Mami….Santa mierda de los perros de San Lazaro!

His organization, Archipielago, does support the lifting of the “blockade” and other regime-friendly policies. Hmmm. As always, Cuba’s Radio Bemba is abuzz with rumors….

Yunior in Havana on November 14

Julio Schiling writes in El American, suggesting two possible explanations for Yunior’s vanishing act.

Yunior García, the leader of Archipiélago, the principal organizers of the Civic March for Change (15N) scheduled for Monday the 15th of November which was thwarted by the impressive state terrorist maneuvers of the Castro-Communist regime, skipped the tentative demonstrations to flee the country for Spain. The playwright, whose whereabouts were unknown for the prior forty-eight hours, arrived in Madrid on Wednesday, November 17 with his wife, Dayana Prieto. Both had an asylum auspice. What happened?  

There are two viable explanations for this most bizarre set of events. First, that this was a regime set up from the beginning. The other plausible rationalization was that the main figure of this dissident/opposition group buckled under the communist dictatorship’s pressure and successfully managed to cross the Atlantic Ocean, with the Castro government’s permission and Spain’s collaboration. While the underlying premise for the 15N demonstrations borne out of the legitimate clamors of the 11th of July Cuban People’s Uprising (11J), Cuba’s liberation and the end of Marxist-Leninist tyranny, remain staunchly relevant, the bizarre events of García’s case must be examined.

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  1. I’d given him the benefit of the doubt, but I’m increasingly skeptical. I certainly do not rule out some sort of montaje. There is clearly room for suspicion. Maybe he just got in over his head, but it may be worse.

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