Another high-ranking officer in the Cuban military dies, the 18th since the July 11 uprising

The old guard of the Cuban Communist Party continue dropping like flies since the massive uprising on July 11th.

Via Diario de Cuba (my translation):

Reserves Lt. Col. Rene Gonzalez Novales dies in Cuba

Rene Gonzalez Novales, a former soldier in the Rebel Army and a Lieutenant Colonel in Cuba’s Revolutionary Armed Forces reserves, died in Havana at the age of 82. His death raises the total of high-ranking officers who have died in Cuba since July 11th to 18.

According to a story in the state-run newspaper Granma, Gonzalez Novales was born in Cantarote, Sierra de los Organos, in Pinar del Rio. He joined the July 26th Movement, led by Fidel Castro, in that province where his activities led to his imprisonment.

Nonetheless, he escaped from prison and joined a guerilla column where he rose to second in command of the northern forces in Pinar del Rio.

After 1959, he led forces that combatted armed insurgents who were fighting against the Castro regime in Pinar del Rio. Later he led commandos who in December of 1963 annihilated the remaining insurgents in the province, according to his official biography.

He later held different posts in the Revolutionary Armed Forces until his retirement.

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