Imprisoned Cuban opposition leader Jose Daniel Ferrer sends a message to the Cuban people

From a Castro gulag where he’s been held since the uprising of July 11th, Jose Daniel Ferrer calls on the Cuban people to unite in the struggle for freedom in Cuba and the end of the communist tyranny.

Via ADNCuba (my translation):

Ferrer from prison: ‘Together we can achieve freedom’

Jose Daniel Ferrer, the leader of the Patriotic Union of Cuba (UNPACU), called his family from the Mar Verde prison where he is being held and called for the unity of the Cuban people to achieve democracy.

According to a report in Radio Television Martí, the opposition leader said that “together we can achieve freedom, democracy for all Cubans.”

He also addressed the reason behind that unity:

“The more united we are, putting aside our small differences, the stronger we will be,” said the dissident who has been imprisoned since his arrest on July 11 in the city of Santiago de Cuba.

In a conversation with his wife Nelva Ismarays Ortega, Ferrer said his health is deteriorating in prison, saying he suffers constant headaches and “chills and tremors.”

The political prisoner is not allowed to write letters while in prison, which they say makes him “the only person in the Western Hemisphere who has not been allowed to touch a pen or a sheet of paper over the last four months.”

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