Cuban dictatorship has created a racist society in which black lives don’t matter, and American leftists couldn’t care less

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Diario de Cuba has begun to run a series of articles on the racism of Castro, Inc. and on the many inequalities that Afro-Cubans endure.

So much for diversity, inclusion, equity and belonging in a regime admired by the Marx Sisters, the American and European News media, many celebrities and intellectuals, and forty members of the U.S. House of Representatives who voted “no” to a congressional condemnation of Castro, Inc.

Racism only exists in the U.S., one must assume.

Loosely translated from Diario de Cuba

An Afro-Cuban woman is between six and seven times more likely to die in pregnancy, childbirth or the puerperium than a white Cuban. She also suffers more from economic ups and downs. This is the first in a series of articles on serious differences within the island’s population based on skin color.

With this article, we begin a series of studies based on results obtained by Cuban social scientists who, by analyzing various health indicators, have clarified the differences – some inhumanly obscene – within the Cuban population regarding skin color.

This series of writings will start from recognizing that, during the Revolution, thanks to inclusive policies in health and education – whose success or failure we do not judge here – there has been an important convergence between groups of Cubans according to skin color, although not the one proclaimed by official propaganda.

We will defend as a hypothesis that the important remaining inequalities are due to the marginality in which a large mestizo and black population is still concentrated, something that cannot be solved under the Castro model, which is demonstrably incapable of generating the necessary opportunities to overcome that socio-economic state. .

This first article focuses on the differential evolution of women according to their skin color, with respect to variables related to pregnancy, childbirth and the puerperium, correlating this with the ups and downs of the Cuban economy.

Our hypothesis predicts that white Cuban women can take better advantage of economic increases and are more resistant to falls; while black women, who start from a more socially fragile situation, have a different pattern: to improve they need sustained economic growth and quickly reflect a setback when the economy falters.

To test the hypothesis, we use as a source the study Maternal mortality in Cuba. Color Counts, by Juan Carlos Albizu-Campos Espiñeira and Patricia Varona Pérez, correlating the data collected in it – which belongs to the period 2002-2018 – with the GDP results during those years.

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  1. Sorry. The Castronoids have the Mandela Dispensation, and you’d better believe that shit works. The fact Mandela was either a fool or a hypocrite regarding Fidel Castro and his “revolution” is moot. But nice try.

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