Over 15,000 Cubans have entered U.S. illegally through Mexico in the past 3 months

From our Bureau of The New, Improved Wet Foot-Dry Foot Policy

The figures speak for themselves. The U.S.-Mexico border doesn’t really exist any more, thanks to Jar-Jar Biden. And Cubans are desperate to flee their hell-hole of an island by any route that becomes available.

And now that Ultra Castrophile Nicaraguan dictator Daniel Ortega has made it possible for Cubans to travel to his nation without a visa, get ready for an even larger flood of Cubans coming to the U.S. through Mexico.

There are reports of thousands of more Cubans “desperate” to fly to Nicaragua despite the sky-high price of direct flights to Managua. (Over a thousand dollars, one-way).

Vamos bien! Nos vamos, si, muy bien! Managua may soon become a 21st century replica of the Peruvian embassy in Havana prior to the Mariel boat lift debacle.

Loosely translated from CiberCuba

More than 15,000 Cuban immigrants entered the United States irregularly through the Mexican border in the last three months, with a record number of 5,870 last October, according to official statistics.

And the alarms have begun to sound with the opening of air traffic from Cuba abroad, on November 15, and especially this week, after the announcement of the free visa for Cubans in Nicaragua, surprisingly decreed by the government of Daniel Ortega.

According to records from the Customs and Border Protection Department (CBP) obtained by CiberCuba, between August and October of this year 15,178 Cubans entered through points of the southern border, which exceeds the total of 13,410 who arrived throughout the fiscal year. 2020.

The updated data on the flow of Cubans in the border strip of Mexico confirm the unstoppable migratory stampede towards the United States, even challenging the mobility restrictions due to the pandemic and the legal barrier imposed by the elimination of the “dry feet / wet feet policy.” “since January 2017.

Although after the repeal of dry feet / wet feet it ruined asylum benefits and limited the entry of Cubans to the United States between 2017 and 2018, subsequent fiscal periods have registered an exponential rise in irregular entries due to the so-called “ Central American route ”.

Only in fiscal year 2021, concluded on September 30, the arrival of Cubans by land shot up to 39,303, of them 38,674 through the border of Mexico, which represents a drastic growth of 180 percent compared to the previous period. . Another 829 Cubans tried to reach across the sea and were captured by the Coast Guard.

Cuban authorities report 1,255 repatriations of national citizens so far this year, 856 from the United States, 214 from Mexico, 184 from the Bahamas and one from the Cayman Islands.

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