Cubans angry over lack of flights to Nicaragua stage protest in Havana, silenced by black beret government thugs

Frustrated and angry potential migrants

From our Bureau of Potential Mass Migrations

Update on the Nicaragua exodus situation. No one knows for sure how many Cubans are trying to flee the island through Nicaragua now that the door to that country is wide open. But we do know for sure that those who are trying to take advantage of this opportunity are immensely frustrated.

There aren’t enough flights available and the high demand has made the prices rise sky-high. (Pun intended). So, an impromptu protest took place at the offices of the two airlines that fly to Nicaragua. And, as you could have guessed, the complainers were quickly silenced by Castro, Inc.’s black berets.

Loosely translated from CubaNet

Dozens of Cubans gathered on Thursday at the offices of the Copa and Conviasa airlines, sellers of flights to Managua, Nicaragua, to protest after the information that at the moment there will be no sales of air tickets to the Central American country, the media reported independent press 14yMedio.

For now there are no flights to Managua and it is not known when there will be, indicated the managers of the offices located in the Miramar Business Center, in Havana.

Given the situation, many of those present expressed their intention to remain in the place until they got a ticket.

“This here can become a new Maleconazo. In August 1994, it was the cancellation of the trips of the Regla boat that triggered the social protest, now there are many people upset with an announcement that there is no way to comply, ”said one of the Cubans who was in the place.

“I do not know why they opened for Cubans to arrive without a visa to Nicaragua, if there are no planes to take us there,” said another of those present.

The protest was squelched by a patrol of “black berets” that showed up at the offices, reported 14yMedio.

For Cubans residing on the Island, it is very difficult to buy airline tickets online, since many do not have the bank cards such as Visa or Mastercard necessary to do so, so they are forced to go to the offices of the travel agencies. trip.

Those who want to emigrate from Cuba or leave the country in order to do “business” have seen hope in the recent news from Nicaragua about the authorization of free visas for Cubans.