Cuban independent journalists say Facebook is censoring them

Not only do Cuba’s brave independent journalists have to deal with the communist Castro dictatorship’s heavy censorship, it appears Facebook is doing the same to them.

Via Voice of America:

Cuban Journalists Say Facebook Curbs Ability to Work

Facebook has been accused of blocking independent journalists in Cuba from sharing posts as opposition groups have called for protests to continue against the island’s communist government.

The social media platform, whose parent company is now known as Meta, sends messages to journalists regularly, telling them that they cannot share messages, three different reporters told VOA. The journalists complain this prevents them from sharing information, which they say is crucial to their work.

It comes as Archipelago, an opposition group, attempted to stage a nationwide protest on November 15 even though the demonstration was prohibited by order of the Cuban government. Archipelago claimed that its supporters were unable to take to the streets because police and government supporters prevented them from leaving their homes.


The Cuban government has said that the November 15 demonstration was orchestrated by the U.S. government and failed because of a lack of popular support.

Independent journalists told VOA that their ability to report on events was hampered by being blocked at times from Facebook.

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