Cuban State Security punishes women imprisoned for July 11 protests with solitary confinement

If you want to see what a real “war on women” looks like, look no further than 90 miles south to communist Cuba, where women are severely punished for challenging their male overlords.

Via ADNCuba (my translation):

State Security imposes severe punishment on female Cuban activists arrested for July 11

The Cuban regime has isolated activists Maria Cristina Garrido, Lizandra Gongora, and protester Gloria Maria Perez Valle from the rest of the prison population at the El Guatao women’s prison. The move is is a method of punishment used against these women who were arrested after the protests on July 11.

A report from Radio Television Martí confirms that the three are being held in regular cells at the Havana penitentiary.

Garrido’s husband, dissident Michael Valladares, said that his sister-in-law Angelica Garrido, who is also imprisoned, is currently in the prison hospital with a case of dengue.

Valladares said the prisoners are only allowed one phone call every 15 days and they have been prohibited from writing or sending letters out.

The charges against the Garrido sisters are severe and include the crimes of assault, contempt, disobedience, and disorderly conduct. They are seeking 15 years in prison for Maria Cristina and 10 for Angelica. On top of those charges, they are being accused of organizing the protests in Quvican in the province of Mayabeque.

Gongora could face a 10-year prison sentence according to an analysis by the non-profit organization Cubalex.

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