Photo of the day: Fake Cuban ‘President’ Díaz-Canel wears Adidas jacket, mimicking dictator Fidel Castro

Monkey see, monkey do

From our Socialist Monkey-See-Monkey-Do Bureau with some assistance from our Bureau of Extreme Displays of Socialist Hypocrisy

Wow, looky here, Mildred…..Remember that story from last week about North Korean dictator Kim Jung-Un banning leather coats so no one could copy his fashion style?

Well… good thing Fidel Castro has been dead for five years. If he were alive, he would have surely punished his dynasty’s puppet “president” for wearing an Adidas jacket. Dictators don’t like copy cats, you know.

And there is one more thing to consider here. Good thing there is no such thing as a Ministry of Consistency in any socialist or communist state. Imagine how such a Ministry would judge a communist who proudly wears one of the ultimate symbols of capitalist consumerism! This kind of hypocrisy should deserve at least a thirty-year prison sentence… but, ah… how easy it is to forget this: lies and hypocrisy are the lifeblood of socialism and communism!

So, don’t be surprised if puppet “president” Trucutú Díaz-Canel begins to don Puma and Nike track suit jackets too, like the ones also worn by Fifo. Socialist Fashionistas of the world, unite! You have nothing to lose but your dignity!

Greatest athlete, Fashionista, and capitalist the world has ever seen!

Loosely translated from Ciber-Cuba

A nouveau-riche-style president humiliates a country and mistreats its citizens.

by Carlos Cabrera Perez

Cuban President Miguel Díaz-Canel Bermúdez wore an Adidas sports jacket on a recent visit to Cumanayagua, Cienfuegos, in another vain endeavor to resemble the late Fidel Castro, although he has not yet grown a beard.

A president with a new rich style humiliates a country and mistreats its citizens, deprived during years of prosperity and tranquility, for the sake of a future of abundance that will never come, while the communism of compadres devastates Cuba.

The pretended simplicity is not incompatible with elegance, and that image of a president wearing an Adidas sports jacket, living in a palace in Miramar and traveling in an armored BMW, seems to be taken from a soap opera, where the new rich man walks through farms and lectures foremen and workers.

A leader of the oldest proletarian dictatorship in the West, wearing garments from a brand symbol of capitalism, only reveals superficiality and inconsistency, as well as an offense to the majority of citizens, whose salaries are not enough to buy an Adidas sports suit, although out of use.

Another drawback of the fetish worn by Díaz-Canel is that he makes the world ridiculous – in the style of Fidel and Chávez – by wearing a sports training garment, as if it were a light coat, causing laughter, jokes and memes from around the world.

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