After massive wave of arrests in communist Cuba, Castro dictatorship recruits new prison guards

It seems the massive wave of dissident arrests that have taken place in Cuba this year after island-wide protests has left the Castro dictatorship with a shortage of prison guards.

Via Periodico Cubano (my translation):

Interior Ministry is recruiting civilians and government workers to work in Cuban prisons

The Interior Ministry’s Prison Authority is looking for people to work in the island’s prisons. It appears either their workforce has diminished or the increase in prisoners requires them to recruit more oppressors.

To become an official in the Penitentiary System, you only need an 11-month course and have a high-school diploma or technical school. The job offers the opportunity to continue education in Penal Criminal law, providing a shortcut to the first year of studies.

In an advertisement published in the Havana Tribune newspaper, the job offer is extended as a way for “career advancement” for those between the ages of 18 and 40. “The future is in your hands,” says the ad.

The Interior Ministry also offers “advancement” for those who want to be cadets. The candidates must have certification as prison guards (high-school and 4 years of experience).

Likewise, prison guard positions are offered. For these the requirements are minimal: a 5 and half month course and at least a 9th grade education with possibilities of promotions. To qualify for this position, the candidate must pass a medical and psychological exam and have “adequate social behavior.”

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