Paris Club must stop funding the Castro dictatorship and repression in Cuba

If you’ve wondered how the communist Castro dictatorship has survived for more than six decades producing nothing but repression, it’s because the international community is funding them. That needs to stop.

Former Cuban political prisoner Luis Zuñiga explains in The Washington Times:

The Paris Club must stop funding repression in Cuba

Forgiving loans to repressive regimes weakens democracy, hurts the people

As conditions in Cuba continue to worsen, the Communist regime is struggling to remain in control of a nation that is weary to its bones of oppression and living in squalor.

Most of Cuba’s financial benefactors have been bled dry, and very few sources of financial support remain. Human rights protests are more widespread than ever, as is the nationwide cry for change. Yet recently, the Cuban regime was given a slight reprieve, and many are voicing their disapproval.

Recently, several members of the European Parliament joined the Assembly of the Cuban Resistance, an international umbrella of anti-communist organizations, to condemn democratic governments and financial institutions for providing both direct and indirect support to the Cuban regime.

One of the key institutions providing such support is the Paris Club, which in the past 65 years has signed 433 agreements with 90 different countries to cover the public debt owed to private creditors.

Although the Paris Club has helped many impoverished countries in need in the past, it recently unconditionally forgave $8.5 billion in outstanding loans to the Cuban communist regime without demanding any reform.

This very misguided decision came at a pivotal point in which such economic relief could only help preserve the Cuban communist regime’s power structure. It is no secret that as of late, the Cuban government is facing a very precarious situation and some large-scale challenges in its effort to remain in control.

On the one hand, the July 11 human rights protests, which erupted in more than 40 cities and towns across the country, showed a population that is tired of the oppression and poverty imposed on them by living under the longest-lasting dictatorship in the Western Hemisphere.

The population has been squeezed into a state of desperation that has effectively extinguished the fear of repercussions that has kept the nation under heel for over 60 years. The scope of these most recent protests is larger and more widespread than has been witnessed in recent memory.

On the other hand, Havana is currently on the verge of economic bankruptcy due to multiple social and economic disasters. It does not appear to have the slightest chance of reversing a situation that has been already unsustainable for millions of Cubans. The imminent financial crash is being felt even by the few wealthy Cubans.

The forgiven funds were not used to improve any of the urgent conditions such as the dismal food availability, housing, infrastructure and the health care crisis that exists in Cuba today.

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  1. They’ll only stop doing it if they have to, and they don’t. The contempt in which “those people” hold them is no skin off their nose, so they can ignore it, and the people who matter to them either don’t care or approve.

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