‘Patria y Vida’ named one of the 50 best songs of 2021 by Rolling Stone

The world continues to rub Cuba’s freedom anthem “Patria y Vida” in the face of the brutally repressive communist Castro dictatorship.

Via Today in 24:

Rolling Stone Magazine includes “Patria y Vida” among the 50 best songs of 2021

The renowned American magazine Rolling Stone included “Patria y Vida” in his list of the 50 best songs of 2021, a new recognition of the issue that has become an anthem of those who advocate for democratic change in Cuba.

The song sung by Yotuel Romero, Descemer Bueno, Maykel Castillo (“Osorbo”), Eliécer Márquez (“El Funky”), Randy Malcom and Alexander Delgado, from the Gente de Zona duo, occupies the 30th place on the magazine’s list, which describes it as “The battle cry that the Cubans” launched during the 11J demonstrations on the island.

The comment of the publication maintains that it was not easy to compose it, since “Cuban rappers Maykel Osorbo and El Funky secretly recorded their verses and sent them to collaborators Yotuel Romero, Gente de Zona and Descemer Bueno to mix them in the United States.”

They recognized that the participation of El Funky and Osorbo was risky, in addition to warning the dangers faced by dissident art in Cuba.

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