More than 800 new political prisoners in communist Cuba over the past year

2021 is a banner year for the communist Castro dictatorship as it added 805 new political prisoners — including minors — to its gulags over the past 12 months.. This is socialism in action.

Via Periodico Cubano (my translation):

Cuba has registered more than 800 political prisoners in the past year

Human rights organization Prisoners Defenders documented a total of 805 new political prisoners in Cuba over the past 12 months, CubaNet reports.

Since December of 2020, the organization has been keeping tabs on the activists, journalists, and citizens locked up for political reasons in Castro prisons, a number that increased significantly after the protests in July and over the subsequent months.

In December of last year, there were 134 political prisoners. At the end of November 2021, the list increased to 671 new prisoners with 712 still imprisoned, 562 of them because of July 11.

Prisoners Defenders said the actual number of political prisoners is impossible to document since they can only count cases that have been publically denounced or of known activists. However, they have no way to know all the cases among the population.

Individuals who don’t have family, without support, or those who are unable to make denouncements — elderly parents, for example — as well as those who succumb to the threats by authorities, their cases have been silenced.

In the beginning of October of this year, Prisoners Defenders reported 525 political prisoners. However, over the past few weeks and with access to family members of the victims, the number has increased.

The organization also highlights the presence of 23 minors among those imprisoned and who are facing prison sentences of several years.

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