As Omicron plague virus hits Cuba, government opens floodgates to apartheid tourists

Ah, Saint Che! One photo site no tourist should miss. He’s been canonized, you know. Yes, and didn’t Pope Francis celebrate Mass here, under this giant icon?

From our Bureau of Socialist Social Justice Priorities

Never mind the plague, come on down and enjoy your superiority! Plague? What plague? Omicron? What’s that? We have no such problems here. We’re perfectly safe.

And never mind how little food there is for Cubans either, we guarantee that there will be plenty for you!

Oh, and don’t worry about rental cars. We’ve just received two huge shipments from Hyundai, one in October and another one this week. See the photo below. This new shipment is ginormous!

No worries! Plenty of rental cars for you!

These cars will only be available to foreigners. Cubans don’t need new cars, or any cars at all. What they love most about new cars is watching superior human beings driving around in them, and what they love about those old ones they’ve managed to keep rolling is that they can use them as taxis or photo props for tourists.

Graciela and all our cigar lady mammies are dusting off their colonial slave costumes, in anticipation of your arrival. So, come on down! They can’t wait to be in your photos again! And you only have to give them a few pennies for posing with you! Like all Cubans, they love being poor!

Nothing confirms your superiority more dramatically than posing for photos with Afro-Cuban women in slave costumes. But, please refrain from showing these photos to any supporter of Black Lives Matter

Abridged and loosely translated from Diario de Cuba:

In the midst of the arrival of the Omicron strain of Covid-19 in Cuba, Cuban authorities once again presented the country as a “competitive and safe tourist destination” in a publicity event for Gaviota, an entity belonging to the military conglomerate GAESA.

“From Health we are committed to accompany and verify compliance with health protocols in tourism to make Cuba a safe destination,” said José Angel Portal Miranda, head of the Ministry of Public Health (MINSAP), reported the official Cuban Agency for News (ACN).

The Minister of Public Health also promoted the country’s well-supplied and equipped international clinics, which “update and expand their catalog of services,” but to which Cubans on the island do not have access and which contrast with the critical situation of public hospitals.

The Cuban Government opted to continue investing and building hotel works even in the worst moments of the pandemic, in the midst of all kinds of shortages suffered by Cubans, but above all of medicines and food.

“We are ready to inaugurate new facilities, we have concentrated efforts on improving existing ones, revised the design of our products, expanded non-hotel offers. Our ties with cultural institutions have been strengthened to accentuate the attractions of Cuba as a cultural destination. It has been strengthened our commitment to responsible tourism in all its dimensions, which includes the environment, and also much more accessible, “said the Minister of Tourism, Juan Carlos García Granda.

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  1. Oh, they can show slave mammy photos to BLM. No problem. Special (Mandela) dispensation, you know.

    And by the way, does the blonde chick look condescending or what? She looks almost sullen, like she’s thinking “This is beneath me, but everybody expects pics of exotic local color, so I have to lower myself.”

    Still, if “His Holiness” was OK with Che defiling his mass, why would a tourist care about mammy shtick?

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